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I do each painting, whether acrylic or watercolor, in search of creative freedom and to represent a place where I find space to dream.


I have a passion for the feminine and nature, how the softness, beauty, and strength of the two runs in parallel, nurturing each other as one being. In these emotions, I create compositions of elements of botanical nature, ethereal landscapes, and the female figure, often concomitant with animals that represent the feeling and strength I seek. As if every one of my emotions or desires ended up in the painting. Like the writing poets, I look for poetry in my brushes.


As a counterpoint to the softness of watercolor, I bring the clippings on paper, opening windows to the feelings I want to convey. This contrast between soft and hard makes the work even more enjoyable. After the finished watercolor, I plan where each window will open and what shape each one will have.


From a family with artistic grandparents, fashion and art have always remained on my radar. I bring the essence of what lives in this environment to my paintings.

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